Super NFL Football

So realistic, you'll be looking for grass stains

As an expanded version of NFL Football, Super NFL Football lets you customize game rules and play against the computer or a human opponent on a 3-D field. Mattel Electronics was close to releasing this game in 1983, but unfortunately it never made it to store shelves.

Intelligentvision released the game in 2012 with a beautiful box, manual, and overlays. However, no printed playbook was included.

The game’s built-in plays make it easy to direct the action, but a printed playbook is really needed so you can see the formations, pass routes, and defensive alignments. So I made one the way I think Mattel might have done it in 1983.

  • 10 Offensive Plays plus Punt & Field Goal
  • 10 Defensive Plays, including Punt Return & Field Goal

With your playbook in hand, you're ready for 60 minutes of realistic football action! You can print your own copies with the PDF posted here, or you can order copies printed on 5" x 7" coated card stock. Offense is on one side, defense is on the other. Use them while playing and slide them back into the box after the game.

Cost: $2.50 for a pair of double-sided cards, plus postage. Playbooks are in stock.


Click here or on the image above to download a PDF version of the two-page playbook. Print it out either two-sided or on separate pages to use while playing.

Need a copy of the game? Download it for free on the Intelligentvision website (requires Entertainment Computer System or emulation):
click here.

Bonus: here are downloads for the game’s manual and overlays. I also made my own overlay that has a simpler look – click here. Overlays should be printed 3.5 inches tall.