Piggy Bank

Everything’s more fun with bacon

Piggy is trying to collect his inheritance, but the mansion he has to get through is full of all kinds of creatures that can kill him.

This platformer debuted at the 2015 Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The game was started as a joking response to the previous year’s Blix fiasco, but it turned into a fully developed title that’s extremely enjoyable. It came on a cartridge in a zip lock bag with some instructions and a bacon flavored Dum Dum.

I created a Mattel-style manual, and the1hatman designed the accompanying overlays, all of which coordinate nicely with his excellent box.

The kit is sold out, unfortunately, but I've posted the materials so you can download the manual and an overlay image.

Need a box to go with your game? Contact the1hatman on AtariAge. He designs and makes terrific boxes.