Missile Domination

Defend the cities!

As the commander of the country’s defense forces, you must hold off an attack that threatens to devastate your nation. Bombers fly overhead, while enemy missiles rain nuclear destruction on your cities.

Intellivision Revolution released this version of the arcade classic Missile Command in 2015. Besides the nonstop action, the game talks if you use your Intellivoice module. It's no longer available for purchase, but you can download the game for free: click here.

For maximum enjoyment of this game, the manual really helps. It explains the game options, scoring, and more. This kit includes a nice instruction booklet done in the style of classic Intellivoice titles.

  • One 6-page, full-color instruction manual
  • One computer voice sheet, listing more than 40 responses used in the game

Price: $3.50 plus postage. Kits are in stock.

Looking to download a copy of Missile Domination? Head on over to Intellivision Revolution. For an image of the overlay, click here.