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Intellivision Manuals, Overlays & More Are you mssing any of the materials you need for one of the new Intellivision game releases — game instructions, authentic overlays, or other materials that complete the Intellivision game experience? That’s where these kits come in. I create them as a hobby mainly for my own enjoyment.

Click on any of the links below to find out what’s available for some of the recent game releases, or browse a selection of shirts and accessories to use while you're parked in front of your Intellivision.

Fight for the Cup

Fight for the Cup 2017: NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey is Intelligentvision’s update of Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey. This kit has a manual, overlays, & label.

Super Pro Baseball

Super Pro Baseball is Intelligentvision’s update of World Championship Baseball. This kit has a full-color manual, overlays, and a cart label.


Remember studying game catalogs to see what's new? You still can with these catalogs from Elektronite, Intellivision Revolution, & Intelligentvision.

Mystic Castle

Mystic Castle is Intelligentvision’s update of Thunder Castle. Here is a color manual and cartridge label.

Missile Domination

Another classic arcade game is on the Intellivision, and it talks! You’ll want a manual to go with it.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank got a “baggie release” in 2015 with a carridget & instruction card. Here's a full manual & overlay image.


Blix was limited to 30 cartridges for sale at Classic gaming Expo in 2014. Here's a complete manual for the game.

 Every gamer needs something to wear while playing Intellivision…

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