Fight for the Cup 2017

NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey
Fight for the Cup 2017: NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey

Intellivision hockey was one of the early games for the system. When Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey came out in 1987, it added a one-player mode but not much else. Now it's getting better and even more realistic with Intelligentvision’s 2017 release.

Fight for the Cup adds the ability to customize the length of the game. Settle ties with sudden death overtime! The game is also faster with more realistic skating and improved controls for passing and shooting.

Intelligentvision sold the game on a board and still does as a ROM download. To complete the package, this kit includes everything else that you might want on hand to play the game:

  • One 8-page, full-color instruction manual
  • Two authentic updated overlays
  • One self-adhesive cartridge label

Price: $6.75 plus postage. Kits are in stock.

You can purchase the game here. The box shown above was designed by Eric Hatton, and it's available from Steve Jones. See this thread on AtariAge for ordering information.