Flashback Games

Sometimes you really do need to read the directions

The Intellivision Flashback is a nifty product that packs 60 (or 61, depending on which version you have) games into a plug-and-play unit. It comes with great controllers and a selection of overlays, too.

Instructions are not really necessary for some of the simpler games like Astrosmash, Armor Battle, Shark Shark, and others. But for many of the games, you really do need to read the instructions to play and enjoy them. Give Sea Battle, Utopia, B-17 Bomber, or many of the sports games a try without having an instruction manual handy.

You could search for the internet for the instructions you need for each title, but here is a PDF with all of the games included on the Flashback collected in one document.

  • All 60 standard games are included, plus the original Baseball
  • Hyperlinked table of contents lets you quickly jump to any game

Sure, you could print this out if you really want to, but it's probably handier to keep on your computer, tablet, or phone.

If you really prefer to have each manual as a separate file, hop on over to IntellivisionLives.com and you'll find them all there, as well as images of the overlays (which are sometimes necessary, too).


Click here or on the image above to download the all-in-one manual for the Flashback games. It's a large file (113 MB) so be patient.