A blast from the past

Game catalogs used to be one of the ways to see what Mattel and other companies had for sale and what was advertised as "Available Soon."

These days it’s easier to get the same information from a website, but it still isn’t the same as holding that catalog in your hands and examining all the details.

The 2017 Elektronite catalog has 12 pages covering all of its games from 2012 to the present – and beyond! Included in this catalog are titles still in development that will be published in the near future. Most of the games already released are for sale at Naber Hood Games.

Price: $5.50 plus postage. Catalogs are in stock.

Intellivision Revolution’s
2016 Catalog has 20 pages of games that have been released over the past four years. The newest games are still for sale on the website. It even has a checklist on the back so you can see which games you need to compete your collection.

Price: $7.50 plus postage. Catalogs are in stock.

The 2004-2015 intelligentvision catalog includes 26 pages and covers more than a decade of game releases. A full listing on the back cover shows how diverse the collection is.

Price: $8.50 plus postage. Catalogs are in stock.