A slide puzzle game that’s as rare as hen’s teeth

Good Deal Games sold 30 copies of Blix at the 2014 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. They underestimated demand by a fair amount, but the game may show up on a future Intellivision Flashback or as a new release.

It's a simple but enjoyable slide puzzle game that, aside from some sound issues, is fun to play. The game came on a cartridge with an instruction sheet, but no overlays or box.

I cleaned up the instructions a bit and put together a proper manual, and the1hatman designed overlays which, along with his box, make the game a complete package.

The kit is sold out at this point, and there are no plans to produce more. But you can download the manual and overlays to print your own. If the game is ever re-released, they'll come in handy.

  • Click here or on the image at right to download a PDF version of the two-page manual.
  • Click here for overlay artwork (print them 3.5 inches tall).

Need a box to go with your game? Contact the1hatman on AtariAge. He makes terrific boxes!