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Intellivision Manuals, Overlays & More Are you mssing any of the materials you need for one of the new Intellivision game releases — game instructions, authentic overlays, or other materials that complete the Intellivision game experience? That’s where these kits come in. I create them as a hobby mainly for my own enjoyment.

Click on any of the links below to find out what’s available for some of the recent game releases, or browse a selection of shirts and accessories to use while you're parked in front of your Intellivision. If there's something no longer listed that you've got a question about, send me a note. Sometimes I have extra odds and ends.

Fight for the Cup

Fight for the Cup 2017 – NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey is Intelligentvision’s update of Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey. This kit has a manual, overlays, & label.

Super Pro Baseball

Super Pro Baseball is Intelligentvision’s update of World Championship Baseball. This kit has a full-color manual, overlays, and a cart label.


Remember studying game catalogs to see what's new? You still can with the 15th Anniversary Intelligentvision catalog.

Mystic Castle

Mystic Castle is Intelligentvision’s nifty update of Thunder Castle. Here is a color manual, overlays, and cart label.

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